RESTORE's "FINAL MORE MEAT (White) & Dr. K (Metric)" Lottery!

Restore's Neo Japan story centers around "Dr.K", a scientist who accidentally creates a "monster" whose existence possibly causes an epidemic known as "Zombing". Thus, to balance the scales, "Dr.K" resurrects a dead man as the hero "Neo Japan" and builds his cyborg sidekick "Iron Meat" to balance the scales! And for the Japanese creator's newest release, it's this "Dr.K" mini-figure that stands roughly 3½-inches tall, or about the same as the "Are You F***ing Zombie?" figures from Restore. And accompanying him is the massive, 13-inch tall "beefy" rendition of "Iron Meat", known as "Final More Meat". Prepared for all-out war, this super cyborg form is cast in white vinyl, the unpainted white really letting the form show itself off (as well as being perfect to be painted by yourself or your favorite artist). Due to the size of "Final More Meat", this is an extremely limited production and these massive vinyl figures might contain slight impurities. Available as part of a lottery directly from the artist, anyone can enter by emailing info [at] restore-created [dot] com with your your name, mailing address (with postal code and country), telephone number, and (if applicable) SNS info. For a subject, write "ファイナルモアミート「ブランクホワイト」Dr.K「メタリック」セット". Emails must be received by February 11th, 2018 at 6:59am Pacific time. Lottery winners will owe ¥34000 (approx. $310) for the set, shipping not included, and payment instructions will be sent within 24 hours of the lottery closing to those lucky enough to have won.

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