Andrew Bell x Myplasticheart - "Strawberry" Kill Kat vinyl figure announced!

Share a Strawberry Kill Kat with the one you love... Are sugary treats killing us? Kill Kat is certainly trying! These evil wafers are determined to cause some damage. Andrew Bell’s original sculpture is back in vinyl figure form! This sweet and psycho conjoined candy stands 6” tall and comes in a candy wrapper style package.
This new "Strawberry" edition is exclusive to MPH and these evil wafers are coated in a thick layer of tasty Artisanal Ghost-Infused Strawberry Ectoplasm! Now with 20% More Berries Murdered per serving. Limited to just 50 pieces and releasing HERE this coming Friday, February 2nd at 10am PST for $50 a pop... these will sell out, so be quick on the draw!

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