Strangecat Toys x SpankyStokes - "Stroll Drool" premium small batch beard oil announced!

It appears to be all about Stroll's lately... and this is another rad project that I have been working on with my friends over at Strangecat Toys - “Stroll Drool” small batch premium beard oil! This was a ton of fun to mix scents together and with the help of Cory over at SCT, we landed on a really smooth/subtle/fresh scent that not only conditions your facial hair but helps keep your skin nice and smooth under all your hair... on top of that, the stuff is BLUE, just like Stroll Drool would be, and SCT went above and beyond to make this happen - so cool!

Extracting Stroll Drool is no easy task. We lured the Stroll in with designer toys, and not just any designer toys... Chase and Lottery pieces! Years of eating Chamomile flowers and drinking Cold Water near his cave greatly impacted the scent of the drool. The Stroll Drool aroma will hit you with notes of Chamomile, Bergamot, Honeydew, Water Lily and Mulberry. Stroll Drool is very rare and dangerous to extract, we were only able to make 100 bottles - get them HERE starting tomorrow, January 25th at 10am PST for just $12 a bottle... before it’s gone forever. All oils contain Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil and Sweet Almond Oil... and the blue color will not stain or color your beard/face... trust us, we tested it. Oh... and we had that sweet label illustration done by Matthew Ryan Sharp (thanks, boo)

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