InstincToy × Kenny Wong's Chocolate Mini Erosion Molly!

Hiroto Ohkubo of InstincToy and Kenny Wong have a proven winner with "Erosion Molly", the little girl wearing a monster suit design being a sellout in both full-size and mini renditions. With fans constantly clammoring for more, they will hopefully be satisfied with the newest version, the pictured "Chocolate Series" edition of "Mini Erosion Molly". Adding a chocolate bar in her hand and a smear of brown over her lips, we have to wonder if this isn't also a return of the chocolate scented vinyl that InstincToy have previously used, like on the "Mini Muckey (Choco Cake)" release. Set to be issued in February 2018, just in time for Valentine's Day and its requisite box of chocolates, make sure you keep an eye on InstincToy's production blog and their Instagram account for announcements about this upcoming release.

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