Buff Monster announces Series 3 of The Melty Misfits... LAUNCHING SOON!!!

Yes!!! Buff Monster is getting all the last-minute details together for the Kickstarter of Series 3 of his The Melty Misfits trading card series. Collaborating, once again, with the folks over at SideKick Labs... they have plans on some really cool new surprises for this series.

Just like with Series 2, they’ll be funding this project via Kickstarter. Why Kickstarter? Well, the collectors that contributed last time really enjoyed it, and Buff really likes the system that they have in place as he is able to send updates with new info and behind-the-scenes photos that are exclusive to Kickstarter backers. Now, the majority of the rewards are mostly trading cards, but Buff will be doing some exclusive toys for it as well... so keep those eyes peeled! All is set to launch this Thursday, February 1st... so get ready to get MELTY!

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