Clutter x Nugglife - "Take Me To Your Dealer" 5oz vinyl Canbot & Strawberry Cough Trading Card with NFT!

Take Me To Your Dealer! Nuggbot (from Nugglife) is the newest member of the CANZ family, a literal pothead, sprouting some herbal majesty straight from the cranium. With a brand new head sculpt, this trippy Canbot collaboration with Clutter and Czee13 will leave you in a proverbial purple haze. 5oz Size (5.5" tall) and limited to only 150 pieces. Complete with trademark rattle, and GID Buds! Limited to an edition of 150 pieces and retailing for $110 each!

Puff puff pass and cough to get off! Enjoy as Clutter brings you some dank new creations straight from the mind of everyone's favorite stoner, Nugglife! Grow an addiction to their exclusive Nugglife Trading Cards, featuring Nugglife's favorite strains of Sativa and Indica in his trademark Mini-Nug style of art... and yes, this is a scented Strawberry Cough Card, the premier Trading Card available from this intoxicating series of just 500 cards available worldwide. These will retail for $50 each and with the purchase of the trading card you will receive a free exclusive animated NFT!

With the purchase of the trading card or the bundle package of both the Take Me To Your Dealer Canbot & Strawberry Cough Trading Card, you will receive a free exclusive animated NFT! These new limited-run drops are happening on April 20th, beginning at 4:20 (Ok, well actually, 4pm EST) - First on NTWRK app!

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