Mechavirus x Blacklist Toys - "Blacklist Ammonaito" lottery launched!

BLACKLIST TOYS debuts their first ever online kaiju, sofubi, soft vinyl toy featuring the very talented, Todd Robertson, aka MECHAVIRUS, dropping on their site today, since their launch last October! The "Blacklist Ammonaito" micro-run is cast in a flesh tone soft vinyl blank with sprays of red, pink, blue, black and chrome/silver with special hair piece features that are made custom just for this release that includes 2 white, and 1 orange hair piece on the face on the back of the sofubi that ties into the hand painted details of orange around the shell, and one of the eyes. 1 eye is as shown in orange dots, the other is that of green. The "Blacklist Ammonaito" one-off comes cast in a white blank soft vinyl sofvi with sprays of green, yellows, blues, and yellow hand painted details. Also, the the one-off comes with a translucent resin skull that looks just fucking sick. All pieces are clear coated and glossed to give it that amazing finishing touch. Each piece comes bagged, with a header.
BLACKLIST TOYS makes their purchasing of kaiju sofubi that of a secret society. Making their brand that for only the serious of Kaiju Sofubi collectors. Providing complete fairness for the community and community for only the most elite of collectors. Making their lottery and online sofubi toy drops available through their secret / private online store that is made available only to those who register via their Lottery/Member Registration process. (located in the footer here) It's a one time registration. Collectors will need to create a user-name and password, follow the instructions in the email they receive that takes you to a secret/private forum page. Then we at BLACKLIST TOYS will approve you after going over the information given. You will need to also sign up for the newsletter as well that will give you future toy news and information for future drops and releases.

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