Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx - "YOLKELS" vinyl art collectible released!

Scramble your plans as Mighty Jaxx have got egg-citing news to share! Introducing a new, and also one of the cutest creations by Jason Freeny... YOLKELS – a cheeky egg (what else) with a great personality! It comes with a white detachable shell that contains a little surprise inside~ Open it up and you'll find an adorable baby yolkel nestled comfortably with a pink pacifier in its mouth!

These are based off a series of one-off sculptures that Jason did back in 2011... so it's cool to see, once again, his work come full circle into production... oh, and we thought that face looked familiar! Standing at 3" tall, this little collectible is a bundle of joy that will bring a smile to your face! As the new year beckons, get cracking and give Yolkels a good home today. Snag one up HERE right now via pre-order for just $40 a pop!

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