Mike Sutfin x Unbox Industries - "DevilMan" soft vinyl figure released!

We have been patiently waiting for this... and today is the day! Back in 2015 Mondo Tees and Mike Sutfin joined forces to conceive a collaborative print project inspired by the legendary Go Nagai's Devilman franchise... and Mike Sutfin was one of the artists involved. Fast forward to 2017 and Unbox took over the creative reins to push Mike's original design into three dimensions under his watchful eye and to finally be granted approval of Go Nagai himself.

The Unbox team pulled together a variety of production techniques to create this unique interpretation without forfeiting the original concept. By utilizing a combination of traditional "sofvi" style manufacturing and injection molding the team captured the nuances of Mike's style perfectly... and this Devilman figure is simply amazing!!! Standing well over 12" tall and packed with an insane amount of detail, this figure is up for pre-order HERE right now for just $120 a pop... don't delay, these will sell out!

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