Secret Base's "Rat Fink X-RAY Doll" for HCS2017!

When it comes to icons of the Kustom Kulture and '50s/'60s hot rod movement, perhaps the one that instantly comes to the minds of most is Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's Rat Fink. And that's why there is nothing so appropriate as Secret Base's officially licensed "Rat Fink X-Ray Doll" rendition that they've made exclusively for Japan's 26th annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show (aka HCS2017). Cast with a clear soft vinyl exterior, exposing the sofubi skeletal system within, this beautiful beast measures roughly 7⅓-inches (18⅔cm) tall, 4½-inches (11½cm) wide, and 3¾-inches (9½cm) deep. Sold at the MOONEYES booth at HCS2017, these will be limited to only one copy per person and cost ¥16200 (approx. $145) apiece.

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