Otto Bjornik's "Artemis" the Custom Nesting Munny!

Theoretically named after the Greek goddess, whom Homer referred to as "Artemis of the wildland, Mistress of Animals", this set of two hand-painted Munny figures by artist Otto Björnik was created at the behest of a "very supportive" collector. Challenging himself in this work's creation, Bjornik describes the idea as "turning the painted objects that can be seen in most of my customs' tummies into 3D [form]". To accomplish this, a 20-inch Munny was used for the main figure, its ponytail encircling an excised hole in its belly that a specially crafted, sitting 5-inch Munny can fit into. Working like a matryoshka (or nesting) doll, I especially love how it appears like a woven nest is housed inside the larger figure, used as a resting spot for the smaller one when lodged in the belly. Embellished with Bjornik's typical flowing hair, vibrant eyes, and flower decorations, this magnificent one-of-a-kind set was commissioned by a collector and thus is not available for sale, but those interested in owning a Bjornik work for themselves can acquire one of his previously announced Teddy Troop pieces from HERE and/or you can contact him about a commission of your own HERE.

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