The Beast Brothers x Ghetto Plastic Toys - PLASTIC WARS VOL00: MECHAVERITA on Kickstarter!!!

With just over 12 days to go of their already successful campaign to get the amazing PLASTIC WARS VOL00: MECHAVERITA funded via Kickstarter, The Beast Brothers and Ghetto Plastic Toys are still in need of backers for this amazing project... and that's where you all come in. Head on over HERE right n ow to check it out. There are a ton of pledge tiers to back and at all price ranges... this fantastic looking figure will be brought to life in the near future... but you don't want to miss out on this initial wave of goodness!

The Calaverita or robo skull is around 3.5" tall and the mech, well... it sits inside almost like a pilot, and this stands a massive 10.5" tall. Mechaverita has five points of articulation, using strong magnets(supplied for all tiers, pre-assembled only on painted editions and one off customs)... and there is great opportunity for all of those as they have on board a whole cast of artists to slay this rad looking platform, and that list includes: SADGAS, The Beast Brothers, Godhay, Fluke, Hx Studio, Javier Jimenez, Cristina Ravenna, Emilio Subira, Fer.Mg.Studio, Toy Terror, and Mark Nagata! A fun unique figure that is already being made... why not jump in and get some of this for yourself. Head on over HERE now to stake your claim... you will not be disappointed!

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