Jermaine Rogers's "Creeping Dero" Returns Today!

Jermaine Rogers is possibly best known for illustrating concert posters in the underground rock and punk scenes, a niche he's been heavily involved in since the mid-'90s, but it was an unassuming piece he created for KMFDM in 1995 that birthed his signature element: a teddy bear-like creature called a "Dero". Mind you, "Deros" aren't cuddly looking critters, their forms typically depicted towering over people, over-sized bright red eyes peering around for things to place in the cavernous mouths filled with pointed teeth. Having appeared in countless illustrations since their creation, the Rogers's "Dero" has also been the subject of various designer toy pieces, including the crawling "Creeping Dero" sculpt that was introduced in 2013. Masterfully executed in this 3D form by JRYU, this 10" × 5" figure returns today in a frightful version, one that originally debuted at this year's San Diego Comic-Con: the "Spectre" edition. Cast in transparent resin with ectoplasmic green, glow-in-the-dark colored wisps throughout, this version is limited to 50 pieces total -- only a limited number of which were held back to help celebrate Halloween. Available today (October 31st, 2017) at 12pm Pacific time in Rogers's online shop for $150 apiece, the artist will also have two "Spectre Variant" enamel pins releasing at the same time as these works.

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