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ThreeA's "BRNZ MSTR TK" Available Tomorrow!

"They brought me back… to hunt both good and evil on a new world!" Thus begins the legend of the "BRNZ MSTR TK", the "Tomorrow King" character the launches the next 'chapter' in the "DR3AD REFLEX" event. "Wandering the high plains of this new world, his mind awash with a broken memory of a life lost, where his beloved 7BONES were cut down searching for extra seconds to give the Punk King and Lady Sham a chance to go back. Watching his Queenie fall last, her bravery making their passing an honor. An honor now lost, as he walks alone, back amongst the living. His thoughts drift to his Queenie, he walks on…"
The newest addition to Ashley Wood's F3ACTORY division of threeA, specifically his "POPBOT" line, this 1/6 scale figure stands roughly 12-inches tall, his right bot arm and left human arms each having three interchangeable hands, including relaxed positions and those ready to hold his large sword or one of his two Colt Anacondas (which can be holstered otherwise). Coming complete with bullet strap, pouches, and messenger bag accessories, his arsenal is rounded out by 8 grenades and 2 Master5 Grenades! Available on August 30th, 2017 at 6pm Pacific time exclusively in BambalandStore.com for $180 apiece (including worldwide shipping), these will be available to pre-order for only 24 hours!

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