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Fools Paradise's "Lowfool vs Lowfool, Episode 2" Announced!

Fools Paradise have announced "Episode 2" of their "Lowfool vs Lowfool" concept, depicting the brand's "Lowfool" character attired in the likeness of pop culture icons playing against one another in the Street Fighter II parody "Fools Fighter 2". And this teaser for the forthcoming figures clearly shows one will be a jest on Wolverine, which we'd previously revealed the prototype for, while the other one has been reported as being inspired by Goku from Dragon Ball — yet I have to believe it is actually his Super Saiyan form from the same franchise, especially given those massive locks of blonde hair! Time will tell if that is who it is meant to depict or not, but hopefully we'll find out soon enough… when it's made available to pre-order!

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