Three Tides Tattoo × Secret Base's "Sushi Dokuro" Marbled Figures!

Mitomo Horihiro of Three Tides Tattoo's does a wonderful rendition of the Gashadokuro (or Odokuro), a mythological starving skeleton creature from Japanese folklore, typically depicted as a massive being fifteen times taller than an average person. For their rendition, Three Tides split the giant and starving elements, depicting a massive skull as the base, set upon by a starving skseleton with a massive bowl of sushi before it. Titled "Sushi Dokuro", this design has been issued in three new marbled color editions from Secret Base, which are available now in the Secret Base online shop for ¥13824 (approx. $123) apiece or a set of three for ¥30000 (approx. $267).

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