Super7 x UNKLE x Futura - POINTMAN ReAction style release for SDCC 2017!!!

Wow... this is really cool to see! It appears as though Super7 has teamed up with British musical act UNKLE to release a new iteration of the POINTMAN figure... in what looks to be ReAction style! Originally created by graffiti artist Futura, this Pointman (sometimes referred to as NOSFERATU) figure made its debuted on the cover to UNKLE's first full-length album, Psyence Fiction. From there, many figures were produced and are considered grails to many vinyl toy collectors... so it's cool to see this release as they are actually commemorating UNKLE’s 25th anniversary

The new figures will come in a life-size UNKLE77 head box, which will also contain one of three 7″ records and a clear record adapter that doubles as a display stand. There will be three different sets, which include: a pink camo figure and a single of “The Road”, a blue camo figure and a single of “Nowhere to Run”, and a green camo figure and a single of “Looking for the Rain”. Each box will retail for $50, and are limited to 500 figures of each. These will be available at an event at Super7′s San Diego retail location on July 22 and July 23, which will also feature a signing and exclusive DJ set from Lavelle. No word on if these will be at the Super7 booth during the convention, but the store is just a few block away... so just hoof it!

Source [Hypebeast]

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