"Find Chaffy" vinyl Kickstarter... go back this people!!!

Another rad Kickstarter campaign... and this go around, it's to make Jamie Smart's adorable 'Find Chaffy' figure into vinyl! What is a Chaffy? Chaffies are small, and round, with one and a half ears. They’re always very happy and curious and, should you find one, it will be your friend for life. However, Chaffies do have a tendency to get themselves lost, so we set up this Kickstarter to make finding one that little bit easier.

The Story of Find Chaffy: Find Chaffy has been a ten-year passion project for artist Jamie Smart. It began as a spoof ‘lost pet’ campaign, where they made a number of soft toy Chaffies and sent them around the world, inviting people to send in sightings of where these Chaffies ended up. All the weird and wonderful sightings were then collected together on their website www.findchaffy.com - Since then, Find Chaffy has gone from strength to strength, with a series of picture search books (published by Scholastic), animated cartoons, and much more besides. Now, however, they want to take the search for Chaffies to a whole new level, with the production of Chaffy vinyl figures. A simple rotocast vinyl figure, approximately 3.5" tall is the aim... and the Find Chaffy campaign runs until the 6th of August 2017, and can be found by searching ‘Find Chaffy’ on www.kickstarter.com, or directly HERE - tons of tiers are available, so help be part of the movement!

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