RECAP: Huck Gee's "2nd Annual Blank Show" at the Clutter Magazine Gallery!

Artist Huck Gee has once again partnered with the Clutter Magazine Gallery, revisiting their "The Blank Show" exhibition from last year with the "2nd Annual Blank Show", a group exhibit focused around Gee's own Skullhead Blank and RE:BLANK forms. With Gee himself having selected a massive list of talented artists to contribute, including three he found through an open submission process, the line-up includes 64 Colors, Artmymind, Boy In The Corner Studio, Camilla d'Errico, Candie Bolton, Clogtwo, Colus, Czee13, David Bishop (RunDMB), Dolly Oblong, El Hooligan, Flüke, HX Studio, Ian Ziobrowski, J*RYU, James Groman, Jason Limon, JeAA, Jenn & Tony Bot, JFury, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Josh Kimberg, Lisa Rae Hansen, Mike Strick, Mr. Mitote, Mujuworld, Quiccs, Shiffa, Tokyo Jesus, wetworks, and Gee himself. For a complete photo recap of the event, please visit the CoART Magazine site HERE.

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