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Fools Paradise's "Luke, I Am Your Father" Sculpture!

Wow, this might be Fools Paradise's most impressive sculptural work yet. While details are scant, beyond the title most likely being "Luke, I Am Your Father!", this piece reminds me of that one lonely child we all remember being on the playground, with no friends to interact with, resorting to imagination for his entertainment. Attired in a costume reminiscent of Darth Vader from Star Wars, the child is raised high on a seesaw, his counterweight being what appears to be a bear — perhaps his teddy bear — but in a cartoonishly lifelike rendition, a mop of blonde hair atop its head. Pictured above is the final painted production test pull of the piece, while below are two earlier test shots. And, unless I'm wrong, the bear character appears to be flocked, coated in soft fibers that will immediately give that tactile feel of it being a plush toy. Probably limited to only a couple of hundred sets made, these will be surely available to pre-order from the Fools Paradise online site in the coming weeks, so start saving your pennies.

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