Homunculus Studio's "Space Oddities" Dunny Series!

Canadian-based designer toy artist Homunculus Studio has been slowly growing her talents over the last few years, giving her the confidence to finally create her own original character-driven custom Dunny series: "Space Oddities". Mining the deepest and darkest recesses of an adorably populated outer space, Homunculus Studio recreated the likeness of what she envisions 'out there' on several 3-inch Dunny forms, each modified with polymer clay and finished with acrylic paints. I really love the light-heartedness these are conceived with, though the painted star decorations, in my opinion, could've used a light wash over them, making them appear a bit more distant and less crisp. Regardless, of the six designs in "Space Oddities", the Alien, the Astronaut, and the Rocket Ship on the Moon ones have already found good homes with collectors, leaving only the "MoonMan" in Copper and Hot Pink to snag for yourself from her online shop for a mere $45 apiece! Wait, what about the Black "MoonMan"? That one you can only win through an Instagram contest that Homunculus is holding right now, so go to their Instagram profile to find out more!

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