Creepy Co. goes retro with their 'My Pet Monster' vinyl figure pre-order announcement!

The MONSTER is OUT OF THE BAG! Feast your eyes on this... Creepy Co. brings you a vinyl toy homage to everyone’s best bud of a beast. Celebrating My Pet Monster's 30th anniversary, Creepy Co. used various character iterations over the 3-decade span of his existence, this semi articulated toy takes cues from the classic form, both in construction and color. Creepy Co. has sprinkled in hints of “Neo Kaiju” and a reference or two to the time weathered 1986 MY PET MONSTER plush toy: the missing length of chain hearkens back to our own Monster’s forever-lost cuffs, and the smoothness of the form itself calls out years of tamped-down fur from his watchpost on our shelves. We love this, and it brings back so many fond memories!!!
This Monster, produced in partnership with Shinbone Creative and Saban Brands, stands 6" tall, with articulation in the head, arms and wrist joints. Featuring impeccably hand-painted colors, the "Classic" color way is limited to 500 pieces and is retailing for $60 each... and there is also the "Shackles" variant which is limited to 100 each and is retailing for $75 a pop! Both are available HERE for pre-order right now... so get on it!

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