BAIT x SWITCH Collectibles - SDCC 2017 "Mr. Penny Bags" PEWTER edition vinyl figure!!!

That greedy Mr. Penny Bags, you know, that mustached wearing top-hat fella that is always smiling at you from the monopoly board game... well, the folks over at BAIT have teamed up with SWITCH Collectibles and Hasbro Toys to release a new edition of their "Mr. Penny Bags" figure for SDCC 2017... the 7" tall vinyl figure is back in what they are calling the "Pewter" edition! Reminiscent of the old metal board game pieces, this edition comes with a bandana, crowbar, briefcase, stack of money and cane... all of which can be swapped in and out for playability. This will be up for grabs via the BAIT booth #532 for $50 a pop!
Source [SDCC Blog]

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