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Andrew Bell's Single Servings Keychain Series, Coming Soon!

Spanky had a great photo recap of Andrew Bell's SDCC booth from this past weekend! I was neglectful and forgot all about the booth and instead focused on what I was intrigued by - the new keychain series that Andrew is releasing soon! He had brought some prototype versions of his new series, and was giving one keychain out to customers when a certain spend was reached.

What I love about these are the sassy expressions, and they are very representative of Andrew's wry and witty style. There's nothing like seeing confused drumsticks or burnt toast captured in such expressiveness. I asked Andrew which his favorite are, and he mentioned the toast with a mustache (a chase!!), and the surly broccoli.

My favorite includes the pet food, which comes in three colors!! I'll have to wait until they are officially released before I can start my hunt for all three colorways. These should drop in a month or two, so keep an eye out!!

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