RESTORE's Debut "Osaka Anarchy" Figure for WonFes!

Since we first revealed a teaser for the "Osaka Anarchy" design from Restore, we've been eagerly anticipating this new villainous addition to the "Neo Japan" line. And now it appears the time is right, as "Osaka Anarchy" will be making its debut alongside "Neo Japan Ronin" and "CollectLister (Pinky House)" at this year's Wonder Festival in Japan! Standing roughly 8½-inches tall, "Osaka Anarchy" is a similar concept to the "CollectLister" piece, the cavity in this new villain's chest having a "toy theater" that brainwashes both retailers and customers! The true icing on this beautiful cake, of course, is the Punch & Judy-like rendition of the artist's own "Kingdom Mind"! And, to date, we still haven't seen what lurks under the cheerful mask this piece wears, so those getting one of these debut versions on July 30th at WonFes Booth No.7-03-17 for ¥15000 (approx. $135) will have to give us a peek!

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