Tetsunori Tawaraya × Unbox Industries - “Mr. Rotten Donuts” release announced!!!

WOW... talk about a ton of build up and anticipation for this release as we teased you all HERE back in August of 2015 along with a reveal HERE in March of 2016... and now, we finally get to see the release of the “Mr. Rotten Donuts” vinyl figure! Fans of the San Francisco-based psychedelic rock band "Thee Oh Sees" might recognize this character from the cover of the 'Mutilator Defeated At Last' album, the “Mr. Rotten Donuts” character, illustrated by Tetsunori Tawaraya, has finally made his way into vinyl form courtesy of Unbox Industries! Releasing as the 2 versions featured in this post, the "OG" (white/gray/black) and the "Unmasked"(pink/green) will both retail for $120 a pop and will be up for grabs HERE on June 3rd at 7:30am PST!

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