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NEW REVEALS make James Groman × InstincToy's "Kaiju Killer" even cooler!

After our reveal of the roughly 15-inch tall "Kaiju Killer" prototype sculpture from James Groman, the artist headed back into his studio to make some accessories! Yes, now this massive beast will have everything he needs to take back the world from the rampaging monsters, including an Atomic Turtle Shield, Sea Monster Crusher Claw, Gargantuan Helmet, and four Skull Trophy Heads! Though, mind you, this creature isn't done yet… Groman will be sending the sculpture along to Hirota Ohkubo of InstincToy, who we're told has "something really cool in mind" to infuse his brand's identity into this monstrosity in a similar way to how "Liquid" was added to the "King Korpse" figure's heart.

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