Doubleparlour's "Odette", "Catrinette" & "Sadie & Southpaw" Return!

The husband-and-wife artistic partnership known as doubleparlour bring back some of their most popular sculptures, each piece cast in resin and hand-painted with acrylics and finished with varnish. Pictured below is the roughly 6-inch tall "Sadie & Southpaw" (left) and the 5½-inch tall "Catrinette" (right), both limited to 3 pieces in this edition. And then, as pictured above, we have the return of the sitting "Odette" figure, which remains a personal favorite! All available on Friday, June 9th, 2017 at 12pm Pacific time in the doubleparlour shop, their works tend to sell out quickly so be prepared to fight for whichever pieces call to you most.

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