UME Toys wants to add some Smog to your neighborhood…

If there's some Smog in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? SmogBusters! Artist Rich "UME Toys" Page received a copy of the "Sumoggubōru", or "Smog Ball", that he sculpted for designer Niall "Tru:Tek" Anderson as part of their joint Submission Toy venture, and he couldn't help but turn the milky white soft vinyl Madball-like figure into a homage to Slimer, "my favourite ghost from the movie", 1984's Ghostbusters. With the base figure inspired by Bemon's Hedorah-esque smog monster horror "Kougai", the "Smog Ball" features a 360° rotatable mouth, 6-eyes around it's 4-inch round form, and many tiny details, including power stations, waste pipes, and even a micro Ooze-It! Titled simply enough "SmogBuster" in this unique, hand-painted version, it will be available on Friday, June 9th, 2017 at 1pm Pacific time in the UME Toys's online shop for £90 (approx. $117).

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