AVAILABLE NOW: Fools Paradise's "I won't be a Robot, Lee"!

Fools Paradise has astounded me time after time, the recent "I won't be a…" series being a surprise continuation of a great idea! The first one, "I won't be a Hero, Tim", depicted the company's Lowfool character in the cape & cowl of Batman while being adorned in tattoos by a cartoonish rendition of Tim Burton, who revitalized the Batman franchise with 1989's film version. The second design to emerge along these lines is the above-pictured one, "I won't be a Robot, Lee", which depicts Lowfool once again donning superhero costuming, though this time a powered suit similar to a certain Iron Man character. And, of course, he's accompanied by a rendition of Stan Lee, who co-created many of the original Marvel Comics characters, including Iron Man. With the Lowfool figure sitting roughly 11⅖-inches tall (29cm), this humorous rendition depicts the power suit's palm blaster being used to roast a whole chicken for Stan Lee! Limited to a maximum 398 pieces worldwide, this piece is available to preorder now for $299 apiece from HERE.

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