A History of Ajee's Topless "Kosplay" Girl with Polar Bear Companion!

French artist Ajee made her original designer toy debut in 2008 with the "SkullSkin" but it was 2011's "Kosplay" that I remember most fondly. Depicting an urban looking, angularly stylized topless girl adorned with the likeness of a skull, her companion was a polar bear that had been decorated to resemble a panda. A wonderful commentary on man, nature, and how the two interact, this design was released in vinyl by Bonustoyz and porcelain by K.Olin tribu. Then the polar bear character went solo, eventually upscaling to a life-size sculptural rendition, but it's the two together that holds the most meaning for me. As such, I was thrilled to write a brief history of the design with some thoughts on the meaning for CoART Magazine, which can be read HERE.

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