Otto Bjornik's "Bai Lan (Byoo-ti)" Vampire Hunter!

Otto Björnik's stunning "Bai Chu" resin figure, which portrayed a traditional Jiangshi (Chinese hopping vampire), has been followed-up by a heroic counterpart, "Bai Lan the Unweilding", depicting a Taoist priestess (or Daoshi). And this new "Byoo-ti" edition was made exclusively for VTSS Toys, meant to pacify their "Bai Chu" rendition, "Kyoo-ti", which was released back in 2015.
This gloriously detailed, 5½-inch tall resin "Bai Lan" sculpture features one hand with outstretched fingers to touch attack any Jiangshi she might encounter, while the other hand is interchangeable, held in place by magnetic force, allowing you to choose to display her holding a handbell, every ring giving any undead she's subdued a command to hop as well as a sound to follow, or a blood orange, the favorite treat of her adversary, "Bai Chu"! Limited to an edition of only 30 pieces, available today (June 12th, 2017) at 8am Pacific time exclusively from VTSS Toys's online shop for $125 apiece.

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