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Proyecto Ensamble reveals their "Mr. Rabbit" paper art series!!!

Last year, 2016 introduced into the world a new rabbit paper toy - and now, after several months - Proyecto Ensamble is excited to bring a new edition of "Mr. Rabbit" to life! This collection essentially follows the representation of totemic animals through the faceted heads. Masks illustrated by great NY artist Jon Contino, designed to spread the art, entertain, and enhance the people. "The rabbit is an animal that throughout history has been a symbolic figure for different cultures: the Aztecs referred to them as part of their lunar bestiary and as a representation of agricultural abundance; In the mythology of India and Egypt some gods appear reincarnated in rabbits. This animal is associated with fertility, intuition, agility, wit, quickness, timidity and cunning, the rabbit is a lunar animal that represents immortality and the cyclical renewal of life. Through ingenuity, intuition and prudence (since it knows its own limitations and weaknesses) transcends fear, using contradictions and paradoxes for its own benefit. It is related to time, protection and cycles."

These beautiful paper rabbits were illustrated by 35 invited artists and there are 13 illustrations selected to be part of the Mr. Rabbit edition by Proyecto Ensamble. 12 paper toys in addition to the mask. Those invited artists are: Ekaterina Ladatko (RUS); El Senor Cuervo (ARG); Frenemy (EUA); Ivan Espinel (COL); Jon Contino (EUA); Jose Carcavilla (CHI); Ladislas Chachignot (FR); Marmstrongolea (CHI); Mike Fudge (EUA); Pablo Nievla (CHI); Riccardo Sabatini (IT); Zorro Zombie (COL); Zutto (RUS)... and as you can see from the above images, this is a seriously fun series, really unique paper art! The package comes with 12 little rabbit heads aprox. 3" high which allows you, the user, to turn them into a mask. The series is available in the USA via myplasticheart as well as direct from the Proyecto Ensamble site HERE!

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