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PHOTO RECAP: Nick C. Kirk's Buffa Fett Debut at Five Points Festival!

Artist Nick C. Kirk, whose motto declares him to be "where fine art meets commercialism", entered the art toy world with his VanGuard brand at this year's Five Points Festival, debuting his "Buffa Fett" figure. A parody of Boba Fett, this Kenner-sized and styled piece also premieres the "Condo Wars" line, which we're told will probably be renamed "Street Wars" in future pieces. Set to depict figures of characters that clean up graffiti around the city, here's the backstory of "Buffa Fett" himself:
The infamous genetic clone Buffa Fett residing in New York City has only one mission: Rid the city of Rebel scum graffiti and propaganda before the minorities gain momentum and rise up against his masters of the One Percent. After the Rebels killed his twin in the largest subway chase of the True Underground Movement, Buffa swore vengeance to rid the Galaxy of all graffiti and underground culture inhabitants… He teamed with a group of the most hated white washers on the East Coast. With their help, they pulled off the largest white wash to date, the Holy Grail and Chapel of The Underground, 5 Pointz. With this band of buffers cracking down on Graffiti and street art, many artists went into hiding or moved to different galaxies. There are a few true artists and activists teaching the youth in secret, building a new generation of Freedom Fighters. But beware, because as long as Buffa is patrolling and monitoring the streets of New York, no artist is safe from his art slaying wrath.
These figures were limited to 79 signed & numbered copies, each coming with a "rocket launching paint roller for those pesky hard to reach multi-story buildings pummeled with graffiti" and two hand-held accessories, a bucket and either a paint roller or spray paint can. And the packaging was perfect for this piece, with the line "Gentrification may cause choking" being a personal fave. To learn more, make sure you follow the line's dedicated Instagram feed, @BuffaFett.

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