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Obskure "DEATH IS PUNK" edition from Some Strange Things!

Marcos Lorenzo of 'Some Strange Things' has just released a new version of his resin 'Obskure' figure... and this one, it's our favorite so far... the "DEATH IS PUNK" edition! This new version based on the Obskure platform has no flesh, and that means no tattoos. It’s a limited edition of 25 pieces and they stand 6.7" tall! Each is painted with acrylics and the Skull and ribs are 3D printed, so ribs are hollowed. Marcos mentions "The purpose of this work was to create a strong contrast between the sexy shape visible from behind and the vacuous eyes of Death when looking her face to face. She may look attractive and mysterious and maybe she wants to play with you a little ... It's exciting and you'll probably like it ... until she bites your heart." This made its debut at ToyCon UK and now it’s up for grabs HERE right now for 100€($112) a pop!

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