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"Mag The Claw" custom from Jon-Paul Kaiser!!!

"War-torn, battle-scarred and undefeated. Mag the Claw has survived round after round of fighting in the gladiatorial pits, struggling off attacks and saving the winners purses until he can buy a ride away from the arid city back to the tidal swamps of his youth." Jon-Paul Kaiser delights us all once again with his latest custom that was created as a private commission. Utilizing the 'Gigantic Crab Kaiju' created by artist Jubi and produced by Unbox, JPK gave this soft vinyl figure his black/white treatment - in what he is calling "Mag The Claw"... and hot damn did it turn out good! Calling out the details with thick black line along with blocked out colors, this paint effect really shows how intricate the initial sculpt is... and we really like the use of dark/light gray tones! Nice work, Jon-Paul, you never cease to amaze!

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