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Made by Forbes's "CONTAMIN8" Dunny Blind Box Series!

Artist Made by Forbes merges his skillful electronic craft with the 3-inch Dunny form, creating the "CONTAMIN8" blind boxed custom series. Each hand-painted piece features uniquely cast resin tendrils that pulse and glow from custom LED lighting transitions, coming with custom made display bases with a slot for the USB power cord and glass domes keep these rare and potentially dangerous specimens contained. Rare and potentially dangerous? Oh, yes! As the back story goes:
In a secret government facility, eight Dunnys were bombarded with high-intensity gamma rays in an attempt to unlock the secrets of their essence. But the experiment went horribly wrong, causing unforeseen mutations, and creating one-of-a-kind illuminated results. Behold the CONTAMIN8!
Limited to eight unique pieces, including the chase version that has glow-in-the-dark paint, tendrils, and base, so that it glows with the lights on or off, those interest in acquiring one of these magnificent work should contact the artist for details.

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