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Is this the Arcane Divination Dunny Series Case Exclusive?!?

About a month ago we revealed a picture of the "Arcane Divination" Dunny production series, which is scheduled to be released in July 2017 from Kidrobot. This blind boxed set of the 3-inch tall form features lots of newly sculpted elements spread across its 16 pieces, all of which are inspired by the Major Arcana in Tarot cards as interpreted by the artists JRYU, Tokyo Jesus, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Godmachine, and Camilla d'Errico. But the one thing we haven't seen is a case exclusive, the free figure a collector receives for purchasing an entire series case in one go, which has been a regular "bonus" since 2010.
And then Strangecat Toys revealed the above-pictured photo on their Instagram, showing an actual, full-size Tarot card set using the "Arcane Divination" designs as aesthetic inspirations. Proclaiming that the "first 8 full case preorders of Arcane Divination Dunnys will be guaranteed this VERY limited Tarot Card deck", it doesn't necessarily have to be the case exclusive… It could be something special that the retailer arranged with Kidrobot, but then producing only 8 copies wouldn't make sense. It could be a promotional item that the retailer is including as a bonus, but this seems like an unnecessarily expensive promotional item for a Dunny series that many are quite eager for. My guess is indeed that this is the case exclusive, Kidrobot producing something a bit more appropriate for the series than just a simple colorway variation of one of the designs.

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