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Pucky × Unbox Industries's Hand-Painted "Pookie Circus (Choco Edition)" Available Now!

A carnival of classically styled toy characters, each imbued with a joyous sense of magical realism that flows throughout their geometric shape-driven forms. Yes, it's the return of Pucky's "Pookie Circus" in the pictured "Choco Edition"! A hand-painted run of the Unbox Industries produced vinyl figures, each of the 6-inch tall pieces (aside from the quadrupedal "Gooby" at his 4½-inch tall height) has been carefully and pristinely executed by the artist herself. Limited to 100 pieces in each design, priced between HK$450 to HK$490 ($58-$63) apiece or HK$1920 ($247) for the full set, these signed & numbered works are available now from Pucky's online shop!

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