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Instinctoy x Kenny Wong - "Erosion Molly" release bonanza for Five Points!!!

Woah!!! On top of all the other amazing pieces the folks over at Instinctoy plan on bringing to Five Points Festival, they also just announced that they will be bringing all 4 versions of their "Erosion Molly" figure along for the ride as well! An awesome collaboration with artist Kenny Wong... you can pick up the following via booth #339: 1st color "Green Fairy” - $140 • 2nd color “Fantasia” - $140 • BLANK(White) - $80 • BLANK(Green G.I.D) - $90! All four versions look awesome... and those blanks could make fore some beautiful custom fodder, so you artists out there, be sure to swing by the Instinctoy booth to check these out!

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