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Coarse Toys × JPX's "Haloo" Design Revealed!

JPX hinted a while ago that an upcoming collaboration with coarse they'd be releasing would depict an Asian water monitor, and this certainly appears to be it! Similar in theme to the "Friend Feast" series, depicting a cutely styled animal in the midst of eating in a somewhat disturbing manner, these photos come from Wittawat Té Srikwan, who explains that "Thai people also call this animal 'Chicken Eater'", due to its penchanct to "steal chicken[s] (and any small animal[s])", which certainly explains the chicked component on the smaller design. Their colorations, according to Wittawat, probably are derived from another nickname these reallife beasts have: the "Silver&Golden creature". Displayed at this year's Thailand Toy Expo, the larger version is titled "haloo — bad day to be a donut" while the other is "haloo — bad day to be a chicken", with these versions being cast in resin and not for sale. Expect vinyl versions released by JPX to be forthcoming, though.

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