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Léon: The Professional meets Super Mario Bros.?!?

Alan Ng's Fools Paradise has the above-pictured piece on display at their Thailand Toy Expo booth, a prototype for the brand's 2017-2018 release line-up. While the proper title of the piece is unknown, it obviously depicts characters inspired by the film Léon: The Professional remade with the cartoonish likeness to Super Mario Bros. characters! On the left is the 12-year-old "Mathilda", portrayed in the film by Natalie Portman, carrying the video game's Bullet Bill in one hand and what might be the ghostly Boo in the other. On the right is a character inspired by Jean Reno's "Léon" character, a professional hitman, who wields a gun with Bullet Bill attached to the end as well as carrying a Little Shop of Horrors-esqe Piranha Plant. A brilliant pop art parody, one that feels very fresh for using two "older" inspirations.

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