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Fools Paradise's NEW "Lowfool vs Lowfool" — Wolverine?!?

Alan Ng has released two "Lowfool vs Lowfool" pieces already, the Batman-inspired "Inner Conflict" and the Superman-based "Inner Enemies", but now it seems Ng's Fools Paradise brand will be doing a pop art parody of Wolverine in the line as well. Displayed at this year's Thailand Toy Expo booth, set to part of the brand's 2017-2018 release line-up, the pictured piece shows Ng's "Lowfool" character attired in the likeness of the Weapon X program altered mutant known as Logan, sitting before an arcade style video game console and — presumably — playing the Street Fighter II parody "Fools Fighter 2" like the other pieces in this line. Of course, since there was an actual X-Men vs. Street Fighter, I hope the jest turns towards that one…

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