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Coarse Toys's Deconstructed "Omen - Help!" Debut!

At this year's Thailand Toy Expo, the duo behind coarse have debuted their "omen - help!" figures, a deconstructionist take on their popular owl figure. Available in four styles, there is the "stare" (closed eyes), "squint" (eyes only), "smile" (beak only), and "scowl" (blank face) versions, each in both 7-inch and 3½-inch tall renditions. As an added bonus, Sven Waschk of coarse has drawn illustrated faces on the "scowl" versions bought at the convention! I really like how this twists their "omen" design, making them relatively incomplete evolutions of the same piece.

[Photo courtesy of Yasintara Jiwyongcharoen‎]

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