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Toy Art Gallery x RecycleC - "Phi Ta Khon" figure teased!

Toy Art Gallery recently spilled the beans about an upcoming project that they are working on with artist Thailand based artist, RecycleC, and we couldn't be more excited! If you are unfamiliar with the work from RecycleC - then head on over HERE to check it out, but to put things in simple terms, his designs are awesome... and for his figure release with Toy Art Galley, it appears as though he created a "Phi Ta Khon" figure! ‘Phi’ is Thai for ‘ghost’, or ‘spirit’ (pronounced as ‘pee’); ‘Ta’ (technically it sounds like ‘dtah’) means ‘eyes’; and ‘Khon’ refers to the famous Thai traditional, masked dance discipline. We are really looking forward to seeing this completed! More very soon.

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