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Ron English's "Boxing Brain" Coming in Vinyl from ToyQube!

Back in 2015, Ron English partnered with ToyQube to release the "Boxing Brain", which was roughly a 9-inch tall resin piece depicting a boxing glove with brain-like folds covering the surface. And instead of the famed Everlast logo, this rendition reads "Temperal" on the cuffs, referring to the lobes being depicted naturally. While a bit derivative of Emilio Garcia's long-standing aesthetic, it's a fun form that has been embraced by fans… and now ToyQube are going to make it theoretically easier (and more affordable) for everyone to acquire: it's being issued anew in the above-pictured 4¾-inch tall vinyl version! Sold in pairs, including both a right and left hand rendition, these are promised to be coming soon.

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