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Retroband's "MUO GUI MEATS" for Munky King exhibition!

Horror-themed designer toy visionary Aaron Moreno of Retroband Toys once again impresses with his newest version of his 12-inch tall "MEATS" vinyl figure, the pictured "MUO GUI MEATS" edition! These are Moreno's contribution to the upcoming Taste of the Orient exhibition at the new Munky King Gallery (5702 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019), which will be a Chinese-themed group show featuring Paulkaiju, Brandt Peters, Milkboy Toys, Violence Toy, and more.
"MUO GUI MEATS" is limited to only two copies, each made in the likeness of the Mandarian Muo Gui or Emo, "the Demons that eat Demons". With each 12-inch tall piece cast in red vinyl and hand-painted in vcolor, known for its durability, these have been augmented with rooted doll hair and handcast resin eyes & horns… the latter being Moreno's first new head accessory for "MEATS"! Overall decorated in the traditional Chinese colors of red and yellow, even the hand-painted header cards carry over this beautifully executed aesthetic.
In addition to the two "MEATS" figures, Moreno will also be debuting his "MEATS" cutouts! Shaped birch wood boards, roughly 16-inches tall and ¾-inches thick, these depict the profile of his canabalistic character. Painted by Moreno using acrylics and spray paint, these even come wall mount ready.
A one night only event, Taste of the Orient will take place on March 11th, 2017 from 7pm to 11pm local time at Munky King Gallery (5702 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019). For those able to attend and interested in buying pieces, raffle tickets/wristbands will be handed out until 8pm, with a lottery starting only five minutes later; if your number is called, you can choose one item to purchase. Cash or credit card (with matching ID) will both be accepted, though purchased figures can only be taken home at 10pm.

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