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ThreeA’s “Tomorrow Queens: Geisha TQ” Available Friday!

Designed by Ashley Wood as part of his threeA produced "Tomorrow Queen" line, meet the "Geisha TQ" figures! Standing roughly 12-inches tall, these 1/6th scale pieces depict the "Surviving members of the all-female group Odoriko," who — according the descriptor text — "gained fame and admiration as the last TQ standing in defiance with the TKYO against the marauding Mortis forces at the infamous Pluto frontline battle." There group, Odoriko (踊り子), translates roughly to "Dancer", which seems appropriate given their occupation and obvious skill sets. The three figures pictured above have representative illustrations of their kimono robes below: Utsukushi Hoshi (below right), Kibō No Hoshi (below middle), and Sairentosuta. And there names, respectively, translate to "Beautiful Woman", "Desired Star", and "Silent Star". We're told there is a fourth member of the group, but we'll have to wait until they are released on Friday, March 3rd, 2017 in the Bambaland online shop for $140 (worldwide shipping included) apiece to see her revealed!

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