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Moss Dolls's "Bryophyte" moss-spirit figures revealed!

Australian artist Monika Viktoria, who has formed the brand Moss Dolls, has wowed us with her tiny moss-spirit living deep within the woods… the "Bryophyte"! As we previously announced, these are currently available through a Kickstarter campaign, and we love these roughly 4-inch tall beasts that are covered in tubular lichens, mosses, and fungi. Viktoria received her first prototypes of the poly-resin beasts from Made by Cooper (above) and has even hand-painted an example of the "Singing Bryophyte" as it will look for Kickstarter backers (below)! And I know those feet look too small to carry the creature's form, but fear not — each foot will have a strong rare-earth magnet inside, so he can be displayed upright on a metal stand. There's just over a week left in the Kickstarter campaign, with a hand-painted "Singing Bryophyte" costing just $100AU (approx. $77US).

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