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Mame Moyashi's Second "Master the Giant Claws" Crustacean Kaiju Horror Coming Soon!

The stunning work of Mame Moyashi hasn't gone unnoticed, their releases continuing to sell out. Formed by a trio artists consisting of producer Clinton Kenny, designer Chino Lam, and sculptor Seanjob, their crustacean-based horror "蟹爪兄貴", which is known in English as "Master the Giant Claws", returns for its second color rendition… Apparently titled the "空、海", or "Empty Ocean", version, this rendition is painted in an almost wooden looking, dry as sand, husk-like variation. Recalling what sea-dwelling creatures would look like if the oceans did indeed dry up, this roughly 4¾-inches tall vinyl figure is beautiful in its simplicity. Coming soon, these will hopefully be available from the various retailers (listed HERE) that now carry Mame Moyashi masterworks.

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